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Mindless Minutia Trivia Offers Four Unique Games

Mindless Minutia Trivia offers the best general knowledge trivia in Charlotte and  more! Check out all of our events below. 

Not in person? No problem! We've innovated to include cutting-edge technology that will fit any virtual event. Our newest offering, Digital Music Bingo, has the capability to be played from any device and can be tailored to include any Spotify playlist. This gives you the capability to create a playlist specifically for your events, or you can choose one of our playlists that is tried-and-true! We host this game virtually and in person.


General Trivia

Our General Knowledge trivia offers thought-provoking questions that change weekly. Each game is 4 rounds, with 11 questions in each round – 10 questions worth one point, and a difficult bonus question worth 2 points to keep the game interesting! Rounds change weekly and are always broad and thought provoking,  Rounds include, but are not limited to; Homophones, before and after, company mascots, all answers share a common theme, unique state facts, rhyme time, and all sorts of other unique rounds.

We’re running trivia events every week across Charlotte! Click here to find one near you.

Survey Says

Survey Says is our version of Family Feud, where answers are subjective, based on a random sampling of 100 people who filled out our survey questions. 

Teams earn 100 points for matching the top answer, 50 points for matching the 2nd most popular, and 25 points for the 3rd most popular answer.

This is a unique event, because there isn't just one correct answer, and every team member will have an opinion on what the best answer is.  The team has to choose one answer they feel collectively  is most popular. Experience it yourself!

Find an event near you.

music bingo  (1).png

Digital Music Bingo

Our Digital Music Bingo is, without a doubt, the greatest Music Bingo you will ever play. Each player has the ability to join from their phone, which has many benefits. Having the bingo card on their phones, gives players the ability to walk around and mingle, or order more drinks during the game. The technology is cutting-edge, and the playlists can be customized to any crowd and changed on the fly.  We even can let the player who won the first game of Bingo pick the next playlist!  It's such a blast.  Players sing, dance and then win prizes for every bingo.

Want to play? Join us at an event near you!

Mix Tape Matchup

This Music Trivia game is for the audiophiles!

It offers 8 rounds with categories from wildly different genres. We play 20-40 seconds of a song and teams get one point for knowing the artist of the song and one point for knowing the name of the song.

Some categories include, but are not limited to;

Fierce females, songs about whiskey, bands with food in their names, bands with #'s in their names

TV theme songs, instrumental renditions, movie soundtracks, and much more!

There is always a fresh set of categories, and prizes are awarded to the Top 3 teams. This game is great for a crowd who loves music, and we often see tables singing along.


Join in on the fun! Visit Mindless Minutia Trivia at an event this week.

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