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Pints, Prizes, and Play: Which Game Suits Your Crew?

Award Winning Charlotte Trivia Mindless Minutia

General Knowledge Trivia

Our General Knowledge trivia offers thought-provoking questions that change weekly. Each game is 4 rounds, with 11 questions in each round – 10 questions worth one point, and a difficult bonus question worth 2 points to keep the game interesting! Rounds change weekly and are always broad and thought provoking,  Rounds include, but are not limited to; Homophones, before and after, company mascots, all answers share a common theme, unique state facts, rhyme time, and all sorts of other unique rounds.

We’re running trivia events every week across Charlotte! Click here to find one near you.

Survey Says

If the mere mention of trivia makes you want to take cover, fear not, for we've got the game that's tailored perfectly for your non-trivia-loving soul – introducing "Survey Says," our delightful rendition of the classic Family Feud! Bid farewell to the mundane world of answering obscure questions and dive headfirst into a game that celebrates your gut instincts and intuitive prowess. No need to rack your brain for arcane facts; "Survey Says" brings you the joy of predicting what the masses think, channeling your inner mind-reader as you match wits against survey results. It's a game that's less about knowing it all and more about tapping into the collective consciousness. So, for those who find trivia a tad too taxing, our game promises laughter, camaraderie, and a chance to prove that sometimes, the wisdom of the crowd is the best path to victory!


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Digital Music Bingo

Step into the digital groove and bid adieu to the paper-shuffling doldrums with our cutting-edge digital music bingo game! While the antiquated traditional version clings to the blotter pens of yore, our innovative approach lets players embrace their inner music maestros using nothing more than their trusty cell phones. No more frantic scribbles or accidental ink smudges on cherished bingo cards – our digital marvel ensures a smudge-free, paperless party where your thumbs do the talking. Say goodbye to the bingo hall echoes and hello to a symphony of convenience, where tunes and technology tango in perfect harmony. Get ready to swipe, tap, and shout "Bingo!" in a game that's not just music to your ears, but a modern masterpiece that makes traditional bingo seem like a distant memory.

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Mix Tape Matchup

Ditch the dusty music encyclopedias and embrace the groovy revolution with "Mix Tape Matchup," the ultimate game for those who march to the beat of a different drum. Say goodbye to traditional music quizzes that have you fumbling for obscure artist names or song titles, and say hello to a symphonic showdown where your ears take center stage. Our game dishes out heart-pounding excitement as we serve up tantalizing audio clips from eight distinct and enigmatic categories. Tune in and turn up your music intuition as you earn points for nailing both the song name and the elusive artist. It's a sonic showdown that rewards not just your knowledge, but your instinctive connection to the world of music. So, whether you're a true audiophile or just someone who loves to tap their feet, "Mix Tape Matchup" promises a harmonious journey where song snippets become your guideposts to glory!



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