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Harry Potter Trivia Charlotte

A Wizarding Tournament Like No Other Is Coming To Charlotte

Pre Register now to stay in the know. Gather your strongest group of Witches & Wizards for a Tournament of Games, Challenges, and Trivia. You can win a prize pool worth over $3000 and be crowned the biggest Potter Fans in all the land.  Tournament will be held in August, 2024.  Exact dates TBD.

About Us

Here at Mindless Minutia Trivia, we're not just in the business of asking questions – we're in the business of quenching your thirst for entertainment and brainpower all at once. Think of us as your brain's happy hour – a place where wit, cleverness, and laughter are always on tap.

Charlotte's most entertaining trivia company? Guilty as charged. Our events are more exciting than a caffeine-fueled squirrel on roller skates. Our top-tier hosts aren't just masters of ceremonies; they're maestros of merriment, wizards of wordplay, and virtuosos of vivacity. They'll keep you chuckling even as they challenge your grey matter to high-stakes acrobatics.

Ever wondered what it feels like to win back-to-back titles of Best Trivia Company? Well, we don't wonder – we know. We're like the trivia world's version of a cool double album – legendary, unforgettable, and always setting the beat. Our hosts? Oh, they snagged the title of Best Host, because who needs an encore when you nail it the first time?

But wait, there's more. Our event roster is so sizzling, it's practically its own fireworks display. From the classic showdowns of Trivia and the "name that tune" frenzy of Music Bingo to the uproarious antics of Survey Says (yes, we've put our own spin on Family Feud) and the toe-tapping, memory-tickling challenge of Mix Tape Matchup, where you decipher songs from mere snippets – we've got more flavors than a candy store.

And remember, we're not just an event; we're a movement. Our tagline says it all: "An Event for the Thirsty Mind." We're here to pour refreshing pints of knowledge, shots of laughter, and cocktails of camaraderie – all shaken, stirred, and served with a twist.

So, whether you're outsmarting colleagues at a corporate bash or creating inside jokes with your apartment comrades, hop aboard the Mindless Minutia train and join us for an event where every minute is a party for your gray matter. Why settle for a dry spell when you can sip on the sweet nectar of trivia? Cheers to thinking, laughing, and triumphing – one clever question at a time!

Get Your Thirsty Mind Ready to Sip the Fun – Embrace the Mindless Minutia Experience Today!



What's Happening at Mindless Minutia Trivia

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